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    An issue with swapping dashboard by Action filters on Tableau Server

    Imran Desai

      Hello everyone,


      I have created action filters to swap dashboards. For example I have two Dashboards A and B. Both dashboard as different length. Dashboard A has 1169 X 950 and Dashboard B has 1000 X 1750 costume size. Action sheet is in bottom of dashboard B and link to a Dashboard A's sheet, which is located on top part of Dashboard A. Swapping is working fine in desktop version. But when I publish on company's tableau server and click on the Dashboard B's action sheet, it goes to bottom of dashboard A, where I don't have the linked sheet. User need to scroll up to see the dashboard A's sheet.         


      Sheet B:

      Sheet A:

      Action filter setting:

      As shown in above screenshots, When I click on Dashboard B's Visit Volume definition sheet, it should go to top of dashboard A, where I have Visit volume Bar chart. But it is remain in bottom and user need to scroll up to see the graph.


      I will really appropriate if any one can help me with this issue. Let me know if you need any more information.