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    having problem with the size of views in published dashboards to the tableau server

    Rayalla Niveditha

      Hello Community,


      I got 6 dashboards in a workbook with the different sizes of screens as mentioned bellow. when I publish each work book individually then am getting the size for them as expected, but when I tried to publish the whole workbook(6 dashboards).. except DB3 and DB4, all the other workbooks of size (range: min -800*600, max -unchecked) are getting scroll bars as the remain 2 Dashboards DB2 and DB3 of size(range: min -800*2000,max -unchecked)..  I tried to edit the size for DB1,2,5 and 6 but it's by default taking the size of the remaining 2 dashboars which is not needed for me. is there any possibility to fix this issue. first of all I want to know is it ok to have different sizes i for different  dashboards in a single workbook.


      DB1- size (range: min -800*600, max -unchecked)

      DB2- size (same as the above)

      DB5- size (same as above)

      DB6- size(same as above)


      DB3- size(range: min -800*2000,max -unchecked)

      DB4- same as above