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    Using Dashboard as a Title - Viewing differences (Desktop|Server|PDF)

    Peter Sinclair

      Tableau Desktop Version: 10.3.10

      Tableau Server Version: 10.3.2




      I am fairly new to Tableau, which has involved a lot experimentation and reading (...a LOT of reading). The following isn't huge issue but I am little confused by what and why it is happening?


      The 'sort-of' issue I am having relates the titles for the Dashboards, within the different environments of Tableau. As you can probably guess, I am not using the standard Dashboard Title. Instead I am using a separate Dashboard to create specific titles. The Dashboard allows for more flexibility (i.e. Dynamic Title using the filters) over the basic title.


      When the Title/Dashboard is viewed in different environments, it produces a slightly different outcome. The desktop and PDF versions appear as expected. The Server version cuts off the bottom section of the title. However, when the server version converts to PDF this issue resolves itself. See below. The Fit is set to Entire View and I have tried each of the other views.









      The Server version as a downloaded PDF



      Again, this isn't a big problem it is just a little confusing. I can only assume there are some differences when the Desktop version is published to the server and then once again when it is published as a PDF.