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    Filter using Dateadd and Today()


      Hi all!


      I have a workbook where I would like to calculate the total number of billable hours in the previous month. I have create a viz for this that does this nicely for the entire year:




      Now I only want to show the previous month, so I add a filter based on month, and manually select the previous month (April, or 4 in this case):




      All is working fine. However, for future use I would like the workbook to automatically select the previous month based on today's date. So I thought of creating a calculated field using DATEADD and Today() to use as a filter. The calculation itself is working out ok, (it shows the previous month in the filter selection), however the viz no longer shows only the previous month, but all months again:




      Any thoughts on where this is going wrong? Packaged workbook is attached as reference. Thanks!