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    Tableau alerts - can we choose time they're sent?

    Andy UK



      I've a meeting to discuss Tableau Server.


      I know that daily alerts can be set up, however it is possible to choose the time they're sent, eg choose 9am?





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          Ravi Mistry

          Hey Andy,


          If you are referring to subscribing  to workbooks or views, you can absolutely set these Tasks up against Schedules.


          However, if you are referring to data driven alerts (ie. if a Sales field goes over 100,000)  - then I understand  that these are only when the alert occurs for the first time.


          Hope this helps!


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            Matt Coles

            Ravi is correct, subscribing to a Workbook or View will allow you to pick a schedule. Note that conditional subscriptions can fulfill the basic functionality for a data-driven alert, but they use the same scheduling options as a subscription. So they may be a solution for you.


            Otherwise, no, you cannot pick the schedule for a data-driven alert in Tableau. They test for the alert condition hourly by default (this can be changed, but only for the entire server--so one setting for all alerts). If you change how often the alert runs in the dialog while setting it (like Daily), then once the alert is triggered, it will not be tested again until 24 hours later. So it works more like a time-based suppressor than a scheduler.


            One workaround is to build your own suppressor into your measure calc you're building the alert on. Test for certain times of the day with NOW() or somesuch, and when you're in the window, show the standard value. If not, show a value that will not trigger the alert. Then set your alert to run as often as possible (ie, hourly), and it should only trigger in the windows your calc allows.


            Another possible, but ungainly workaround is to refresh the extracts in the workbook you set the alert on to run on a certain schedule, or be triggered programmatically. Then the alert will be tested each time the extract completes a refresh cycle. If you have a big extract already in the workbook, this could be a major Server resource hog, if you need to run the alert frequently. If it's only using live connections, you could simply extract some very tiny portion of data in a new and unused data source, and avoid that problem.


            Finally, for the ultimate in alert customization, there's always VizAlerts.

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              Andy UK

              Hi guys


              Thank you so much for your help on this.


              As we won't be getting Server version for a few weeks yet I won't be able to set these up yet so I will mark this question as resolved.