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    Dynamic Aggregate / Non Aggregate field with Shapes depending on filter selection

    Uros Vujnic

      Hello everyone,


      Wondering if anyone has any elegant solutions to this multifaceted problem. I've got a dashboard that lists number of sites for each customer by progress stage (pending, in progress, completed). I set up an action filter so that if a user clicks on customer name the sheet below will display additional info like total cost estimate and company logo (see pic 1). Clearing the filter clears the sheet below so it's blank. However I didn't foresee that I couldn't disable filtering on progress stage, so when a user clicks above on 'completed' stage for example I get a mess on sheet below (see pic 2)


      Tableau Cust Name wLogo 1.png


      Tableau Cust Name wLogo 2.png



      I couldn't find a way to allow filtering on customer name value only (i.e. single customer selection but NOT aggregate customer selection). So first question is, is this possible?


      Next I thought I come up with a calculated field on the sheet below that decides if the count of customers filtered is 1 or many. If 1 then display customer name, but if many then display words "count of customers". Thus if more than one customers are in the filter, then all subsequent calculated fields will show totals for the selected filter and customer logo would be a blank shape.

      Tableau Cust Name wLogo 3.png

      But the problem now is that if a single customer is selected, the company logos from the original customer field are not transferred to the calculated field. I used custom shapes against customer names to assign logos. It took a bit of time to do this, so I'd prefer not to repeat this process. Further complication to this is that my calculated field will always display one line, so in order to assign custom shapes to this field, I'd have to filter each customer separately before selecting the logo for it:


      Tableau Cust Name wLogo 4.png


      So my second question is, how can I reuse the customer name field with assigned custom shapes without manually assigning them again in the newly created field?


      The calc fields:

      calc field 1.PNGcalc field 2.PNG


      My last option is create two sheets, one for single selection and the other for multiple selection, and then do sheet swapping on the dashboard depending on filter selection, but I'm having a bit of trouble with getting this to work.


      I'm sure there are better ideas out there. I've spent time digging a hole in spot so I cannot see anything else around me. I need some fresh perspectives.