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    Display data value in ToolTips

    Karen Schaefer

      I have a dashboard that uses a color displayed in the value field based on a calculated field.  However I need to use the actual value field within the tool tips and not within the dashboard.  I have tried many ways without success.


      How do I display the value in Tool tips?




      I want the field as a bar of color, yet still display the following data in the tool Tip.

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          Pablo de Dios Garcia

          you look for it to be like the second image and thet the tool tip shows the value or you want see the value on the box?

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            Karen Schaefer

            not sure what you mean.  I only want an value


            my actual dashboard is using the gpa_data and gpa_color for the values, neither contain a hard value only the color.  by doing this I was successful in displaying the bar color.  Please review these calculated fields.  Note the second picture above is my actual WIP dashboard.  within MY sample I did not complete this step, so, if I use these calculated fields how do I display the actual value within the tool tips.  or is there another method to have both the bar color and the actual field value.

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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Karen,


              Just drag GPA_Data onto the tooltip mark. The GPA_Data calculated field is a mash of Measures so it changes depending on the GPA Category. You can view this in action by dragging the GPA Category pill onto the columns shelf.


              If you are looking for another value, do the same action with any of the measures (just drag it onto the tooltip mark).