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    How to use a dateadd function and line up date for sales type A (measure value returned is from dateadd) and sales type B the true value of the date?

    Ava Kingsley

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I have a dimension called Sales Types, which is Sales Types - A & B. Let's say for Sales Type A I want to do the date function Date(Dateadd, 'month',36,[sales date]) where it returns Sales Type A value of 1000 from Jan 2013 in "Jan 2016" (the calculated field date) but then my sales type B has its own true value of 2000 in Jan 2016 and I don't want to apply the date function to that. In other words, I want to have Jan 2016 and then see sales type A as 1000 and sales type B as 2000 where type A is the value from 36 months prior and Type B is just the true value in Jan 2016. Do you know how to do this?