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    Count of Wins, Loses and Draws

    Kris Hallis



      I have data source similar to the one attached. I want to be able to count the total wins, loses and draws for each team over the year and display them in a table and column graph.

      With the way the data is structured, I've been having difficultly getting a count of each.


      Each row is a player, along with their team, a match time, date, location etc along with a [Summary Notes] fields that stores (W), (D) or (L).

      As such, if a team wins, every row for every player in that team (for that date and match) with have (W) in the [Summary Notes] field.

      Teams can also change match by match.

      This data source also stores training times and seasons draws, so only 'Staff Schedule Type Code' = 'LIVE" are relevant.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thanks very much.