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    How to apply Filters on views with calculations of Table of last 12 months?

    Juan Mendez

      Hello, Tableau friends!
      Here with a question about calculations and filters, for now I have a table calculation for the sales of the last 12 months Example: WINDOW_AVG (SUM ([Total]), -11, 0)
      And they ask me to show several filters, among them a filter to select the months in which the calculated value should be shown.

      But when applying the Date Filter, either a month-year range or a point selection, the calculated value is NOT displayed.

      I want to know if it is possible to have a calculated value of the average sales of the last 12 months that is "persistent" before applying any type of filters?
      Since, by not applying filters, the values are calculated.
      I appreciate all help!!!


      Juan Méndez
      Workbook attached with the case