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    Measure Names not applying across multiple sheets

    Arshad Nawaz

      Hi All,


      I am trying to accomplish a task of showing a handful say ~10 measures split across two dimension independently.

      Since Tableau does not allow me to split the same measure separately across two dimensions on a same sheet I tried the below approach.


      Created two sheets with similar measures, hid the headers from the second sheet so that it looks as one set of data(after).


      The issue is I provide the measure names filter to the users who can multi select these 10 measures but measures names filters does not apply to multiple sheets.


      Attached is my workbook in a before and after sort of a comparison.


      Any hack/idea to accomplish this is highly appreciated.


      Parameters will not work because I need to let the user select multiple measures at a time.


      Main requirement:

      Multi select measure selection for the user

      Split measures across multiple dimensions independently for multi dimension comparison