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    Need help with listing members of a dimension (country) in multiple columns

    Sonnie Chen

      Hi All,


      I am trying to make a map of countries served by my team, with the countries listed below in multiple columns, along with a few KPI labels.


      To show the list of countries, I created multiple sheets, each sheet filtered to show a few countries, say fifteen, placed the country dimension to row shelf, then arranging the sheets side by side in the dashboard.


      This temporarily solves the issue, as for the time being, I just need to make the dashboard, save it as a pdf for my manager to use in a presentation..


      But later, I will be publishing the dashboard live to Tableau server, where the below challenges will be present


      • New countries will come up (theoretically) and I would require the list to be updated.
      • Countries are shown, sorted alphabetically.
      • We might need to add, new columns/ increase the no of countries shown per column as new countries are added


      Kindly advise if anybody has ideas on building this


      I have attached a sample of the dashboard I am trying to build here.