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    Drop Down menu for different data sources




      I'm representing Export and Import flows.

      The data are in two different sources, one for the import and the other one for the export. I can use both of the dataset but I cannot find a way to create into a story a drop down menù in order to select import or export dashboard.

      Can you help me?


      Thank you!



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          nikher verma

          Hi Giovanna de Vincenzo ,


          In tableau , they have four different types navigator style in case you are working with  stories ..


          In case you want a drop-down you need create a parameter in dashboard or create a filter in dashboard .


          So in short they don't have a standard way to achieve this .But you can do it using different workarounds .


          In case you are in need of work around ,please share a sample twbx file .




          -Nikher Verma

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