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    Should my Tabcmd version be equal to server(10.5.3) or desktop version (10.5.2)?

    Amit Parihar

      We have just gone through an upgrade of Tableau server. We are advised to upgrade our Tableau desktop to 10.5.2. Our server however, as I can see is 10.5.3. We use Tabcmd for powerpoint generation, publishing and other operations. I want to upgrade my Tabcmd as well to the most compatible version.


      My confusion is, if my tabcmd should be 10.5.2 (the version of tableau desktop) or version 10.5.3 (the version of tableau server)? Tabcmd being a tool to interact directly with server through command line, makes more sense to have it upgraded to match the server version. I am just wondering if this would cause a problem with our Tableau workbooks when publishing or interacting with tabcmd since they are lower version (10.5.2)


      Any input would help. Thank you in advance for your input.