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    Difference between two workstations

    Andrea Kucharova

      Hi all,


      I'm working on project to monitoring employees activity on workstations. I created report in graph, where it's shown daily activity of one employee, who is changing several times per day his station.

      What I need for now is a simple table report, where it is his login and info about each change of workstation with original station, new station and time duration of this change and finally how many times he changed a workstation and how long it took.


      Find my Tableau 10.5.3 file and Excel data source enclosed.


      Thank you very much for any suggestions.

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          Hari Ankem

          I made an attempt to get you a solution for this. Here is what I did:


          1. Added a column called Group Number in the data source with the formula as shown below:

          Screen Grab.png


          2. Added one more column called Row Number in the data source with the formula as shown below:

          Screen Grab.png

          3. Joined this data file with itself with the join condition as shown below. This should get you the details of the next record.

          Screen Grab.png


          4. Created 4 calculated fields as shown below.

          Screen Grab.png

          For the total quantity, there is an explicit division by 2 because for every date-timestamp, there are 2 records. Ideally, I would expect only 1 record per date-timestamp.


          5. Here is the final output:

          Screen Grab.png


          Hope this helps. I have attached the workbook and the updated data source file.