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    For a given date, I have 2 sales types - A & B. How do I divide Sales type A / Sales type B if Sales is my dimension?

    Ava Kingsley

      Hi Tableau community,


      My dimension is Sales Type and there are two options - A & B. The one measure is then sales #s. This is monthly sales data.

      For any given month, I would like to write a calc that shows Sales type A / Sales type B.


      Also as a side note, when I pull in the date field and click on "Date" as the type of value, when I do "Month" as in "May 2016" it converts the pill from blue to green and shows "+ MONTH(Date)" and therefore messes up my "sales #s" measures when I put it on text. I simply want a chart with the sales #s as text. Now it's showing blue lines for each month.


      Please advise.