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    Including everything in a Dashboard (Hide Workbooks)


      Dear expert,


      I created:

      • 2 worksheets (A,B) with 2 graphs;
      • 2 worksheets (C,D) with the same data but in detail (i.e. text table type);
      • 2 action filters for the worksheets A and B which lead to C and D respectively (i.e. you click on the graphs and you can see the data behind);
      • 1 dashboard with the worksheets A and B.


      My question is:

      1. is it possible to publish only the dashboard keeping the action filters (i.e. link to C and D)? or
      2. is it possible to hide the worksheets C and D trying to embed them in the dashboard?


      I tried creating a Story but no ways.


      Many thanks in advance.