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    Jump from one Dashboard to Another

    Deepika Goyal



      Jumping from one dashboard to other is feasible in the tableau and have implemented the same. This is a very particular case which I am not able to solve. Have created this dummy snapshot to explain the scenario


      There are two dashboards: Dashboard 1 ( League Table) and Dashboard 2 ( Detail View)

      League Table is listing team name along with their respective ranks and scores (This is helping in understand which team is leading)

      Dashboard 2 (Detail view) has various KPI's to arrive at team performance. This dashboard has filter team name.


      Now, if the user is at Dashboard 1 which is league table and clicking on any team name, control should move to dashboard 2 (detail view) with by default team selected in the first dashboard or give some icon the user to move to the detail view.The condition here is whenever the user is moving to next dashboard, selection in the first dashboard should automatically apply in next. This is possible if we give the option to filter "apply to all worksheets" but catch here is user won't be filtering data from filters, there is a league table which is opened and the user wants to move from there.