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    Configuration Files and Tableau Server on Different Drive

    Colin O'Brien

      Hi All,


      I recently reinstalled Tableau Server on our D:\ drive, as there is more space.


      Everything is working well, but the configuration files remained in C:\ drive, and when I backup it seems to still be pointing to the C:\ drive for the Postgres database:


      Have I done something wrong? Is there a way to shift these files (and the database) to the D:\ drive? Will it make any difference if I leave it this way, going forward?




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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Colin,


          This scenario comes up now and then and we've updated our OnlineHelp to try to make moving Tableau Server to a different drive more clear:


          Move Tableau Server to Another Drive


          The part that catches most folks off guard would be step #6


          6.  Uninstall Tableau Server using Control Panel and Add/Remove programs. You should also rename the \ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server and \Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version> directories so your new installation does not find them. By default the \ProgramData directory is hidden, so you may need to configure Windows to display hidden files and directories to find it. Later, once you have installed Tableau Server to the new location and verify that everything is working, you can delete the directories.


          In regards to space available it might become an issue when it comes to processing a backup file.  You can use the "-t" option to specificy a different location (one that has more room) since all the extracts are copied to a temporary location before they get compressed and become part of the *.tsbak file:


          tabadmin commands