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    By adding too much row attributes to my table, Tableau is hiding the first ones. How can I solve this?

    Florian Raab

      Hey guys,

      I'm pretty new to Tableau and I know the common sense of using it, is to create charts and diagrams, which I am already able to build exactly how I want them.


      Now I am trying to create a text based Table, just like you do in excel before you create charts out of them.


      The reason I want to do this, is to also see parts of the Database in text form.

      So, I'm adding "Device ID, Alarmtype, Alarmkey, Alarmdesc, Starttime, Alarmcode" to the rows section and nothing to the Columns section, which works perfectly fine and produces exactly the result that I want.

      But now that I continue adding more things to the rows section, the first Entrances like Device ID don't show up anymore.

      For every attribute I'm adding to the rows section the actual first one disappears. But I want to see all added information.


      How can I solve this issue?