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    Json data preparation bug

    Simone Montrucchio

      Hi, I have a file in which at the first level there are as many entries as the paragraphs of a text.

      For each entry (paragraph) could be associated a second level of entries: the comments.

      For each comments, could be associated a third level of entries: answers.

      I have 7 paragraphs, 5 comments (5 paragraphs have 1 comment each, 2 paragraphs have no comments) and 10 answers (2 answers for each one of the 5 comments).

      Do you know what is imported?

      I will have 12 rows. 10 because of the 10 answers, 2 because of the "empty" paragraphs.

      Why I don't have 22 rows instead? (7 pars + 5 comments + 10 answers)

      I need to have 22 rows, so I need you to tell me how to import correctly data or how to split them as I need.