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    Tableau Upgrade issues (10.1.6 to 10.3.1)

    Rose K

      I have issues with my tableau server upgrade this morning on Prod. I have one primary and two worker nodes. Everything ran smooth till the config tableau server prompted. Then I added the user details and later it popped up an error that I need to install the worker nodes manually. I installed the worker nodes successfully. Later when I was trying to configure Tableau server on Primary nodes it pops me up this error.



      ANy idea or suggestions would help. Basically I think the first error should be resolved.


      When I try to see status of the issue


      Please let me know your solutions. Thank You

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Rose,


          One thing that might be worth a shot is in the configuration utility on the Primary I would change one service on one of the workers (it can always be changed back).  For example you could bump up the number of VizQL processes by just one.   This change will require re-entering the password for the "Run as User" account and if you're specifying a domain in that field you may want to verify there's no typos.