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    Modify Gauge Chart Range

    Chad Bateman


      First things first- I know everyone hates gauge charts. I get it. That being said, an executive wants to see one in a dashboard, so I need to make one.


      I've been working on implementing this method that Ken Flerlage wrote about here: http://www.kenflerlage.com/2017/07/creating-nps-gauges-in-tableau.html.


      I have it implemented in my dashboard, but I can't seem to figure out how to change it to a range of 0%-100% instead of -100 to 100.


      Attached is the workbook and spreadsheet (both originally provided by Ken).


      Can anyone advise me on how I can update this to run on a 0-100% scale? I've been toying with it for hours, have tried several other approaches, and been researching the forums and google- I haven't found a solution yet.


      Thanks in advance for everyone's help- I hope this is an easy one.