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    MS SQL Server - Data Missing

    Benjamin Scheese

      I have connected to MS SQL Server as a data source. When I tried to pull data from one of the tables, it came incomplete as it is showing me that I have just over 10,000 rows, however; when I query the database it shows there are over 300,00 rows. Do anyone have any idea as to why this might happen?

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          Mark Crabtree

          Hi Benjamin,


          Where are you finding the row count from the data in Tableau? Are you looking at the preview on the Data Source Tab?

          Data Source Pane.png

          Or from the Number of Records in the measures (or some other means)? I believe the Data Source Preview is limited to 10,000 records for performance reasons, but number of records will give you an accurate representation of the data source.

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            Benjamin Scheese

            I got the number from the measure number of records, but it turns out I was connected to our test database rather than our production one so that is where the issue lied. Thank you for your help. Also, just so you know, you can input the number of records that you want to see in the preview which will allow you to exceed the 10,000.

            Thank you for your help.