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    Comparing the avg column with each row

    sooraj j

      Hi Guys,


      I need to compare the average of first column value with each individual rows, how to achieve the same in tableau, please see the screen shot

      How to show the same kind of indicators in tableau



      Thanks in advance



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          Hello Sooraj,


          Something as below?


          Change the Aggregation to Average.


          Change the quick table calculation as Difference.



          Change the Relative to First.





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            Jeevan Krishna

            Hi Sooraj,


            You need to calculate window_avg of the aggregate metric on which you need to calculate the Difference over avg. metric


            Considering sum(sales) is the aggregate metric ,


            The above calculation will help you in avg calculation as shown in the excel. But to calculate growth over the window avg. you need to use the following formula.


            You need to format this field as percentage for usage in dashboard.The final result on a sample dashboard looks like this.


            Hope this helps