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    Dynamic Axis Ranges

    venkat venkat



      I wanted to focus more on Office Supplies and Furniture. See sheet 4, the axis starts from 30%.

      But when technology dips below 30% I cannot trace technology bar as the axis is fixed at 30%.


      In order to overcome that I wanted to create dynamic axis. Suppose, If the technology % is 26%, now the technology bar will not be visible. If we can control that axis changing by parameter we can change axis to 25% or 20%. So that 26% comes in that range.


      I put my idea in sheet 3. If parameter is allowed in editing axis it is possible.


      Any ideas from your side? Please let me know.


      If you don't understand please let me know.




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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Venkat


          Tableau is already dynamic in terms of axis . You fixing the axis is what is causing this issue.


          Can you please recheck the functionality.

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            venkat venkat

            Hi Jeevan,


            I think you didn't get my point. Please look sheet 5 and sheet 6(added now). The actual scenario is like in sheet 5 and I wanted to have India in the visualization and focus more on Afghanistan and Cameroon. So, I fixed the axis at 90%. After fixing the chart enlarges. See the difference in bar sizes in both sheets. Labels are also visible.


            But, now look sheet number 7, 2012 data. That means, suppose in some rare cases if India % comes below 90%, it will not be shown in the chart. So, in such cases the user should have the choice in the dashboard to decrease the axis to say 80% then India can be visible. I'm asking for this flexibility to decrease or increase the axis in the dashboard when required.


            I think you can understand the scenario now.




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              Bryce Larsen

              Unfortunately I cannot open your workbook, but have you looked at create reference lines but making them hidden?