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    Conditional Color for Cross tab dimension

    Sreeharsha Vemula

      Hello Everyone,


      I think this is well known scenario but when i checked online i could not find correct answer for this


      we all know that we can change the background color for measure with dual axis technique


      the same way i want my dimension which is left most in the table should have different color background based on condition


      • i have many dimensions and measures in the table
      • i already using dual axis to display conditional format for measure
      • the dimension which i am looking to change the conditional color which left most
      • after this dimension i have few more dimension in the table
      • i can not change the place of dimension in table because of requirement


      Now i want either this dimension background/color to be changed based on condition


      Please help me


      ** I can not share the workbook since it has highly sensitive client data


      Thanks & Regards

      Sreeharsha Vemula