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    Is there a way to conditionally format a measure value chosen by a parameter list?

    Sam Carter

      For example, I have a matrix highlight table that includes a measure chosen by a parameter as such:


      IF [Parameters].[Matrix Measure Toggle] = 'Percent X' then round(([Percent X]*100),2)

      ELSEIF  [Parameters].[Matrix Measure Toggle] = 'Percent Y' then round(([Percent Y]*100),2)

      ELSEIF [Parameters].[Matrix Measure Toggle] = 'Percent Z' then round(([Percent Z ]*100),2)

      ELSEIF [Parameters].[Matrix Measure Toggle] = 'Number of X' then [Count of X]    <--Should be formatted as whole number, while the others should be %



      In my view, I need the bottom choice to be a whole number, while the others are percentages. I have the dirty workaround above by multiplying the decimal value by 100, but this doesn't solve the issue of including the "%" at the end.