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    Highlight KPI rankings

    Frank Casella



      I've created a cross-tab table that shows jurisdictions ranked by profit/loss, the profit/loss amount, and the jurisdictions' ranks for about a dozen additional key performance indicators. I'm using Tableau 10.1 and the visualization is using blended data.

      KPI Rank Table.jpg


      I'm currently using a formula to change the row text color based on first profit/loss result and then an aggregate count of how many times the jurisdiction's KPI ranks fall within a specified range:


      IF [Profit Rank]<11 THEN 'Top 10'


      ELSEIF IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 1])<11,1,0)

           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 2])<11,1,0)

           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 3])<6,1,0)

           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 3])>44,1,0)



           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 12])<11,1,0)

           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 13])<11,1,0)

           + IIF(RANK([IFT Dashboard].[KPI 14])<11,1,0)

          > 4 THEN '5 or More'


      Else 'Neither'




      The approach works great for showing where I need to focus my attention at a jurisdictional level, but I still have to review all of the individual ranks to see which areas within that jurisdiction require attention. It's also difficult to spot areas needing attention for states that fall into the "Neither" category.


      I'd like to highlight the cell backgrounds for the individual KPIs when they meet the ranking criteria, similar to the highlights that I added to the image above (the highlights were added to the screen capture...I want to be able to have tableau make the highlights.


      Any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.