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    Bruna Rodrigues

      Hello, I have a question. In the same sale I can have the participation of two sellers. This sale will be accounted for both. The field comes from Excel, and contains the names of the two together. But the count has to be individual.

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            NAVYA KARNATI


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              Don Wise

              Hello Navya,


              Please see the newly attached v.10.3 workbook and the 2nd worksheet. 


              It is a COUNT of Vendors per Vendor Split per Table, with subtotals turned on.


              Because of the way Calculation 1 is done, it will not Total.  So I added a new calc to subtotal and grand total your numbers.


              Hopefully it is helpful? If so, please mark as either Helpful or Correct.


              Thanks, Don

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                Bruna Rodrigues


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                  Bruna Rodrigues


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                    Don Wise

                    Hi Bruna,

                    I just realized that Tableau Data Prep (Free Trial is now available) will help you with correcting your data structure.  I've outlined the steps below in the following screenshots and attached the Tableau Data Prep (.flow) file as well as a new Tableau workbook which uses the extract (.tde) file from Data Prep (and newly reshaped data format) so that the tables in Tableau natively subtotal and grand total.  Data Prep might be something for you to look at going forward due to the current structure/layout of your data. Thx, Don


                    This is what you'd see when dragging/dropping Sheet 1 to the view in Tableau Data Prep:

                    Sheet1 Data in Data Prep.png

                    Same for Sheet 11 dragged to the view:

                    Sheet11 in Data Prep.png

                    This is the view when the two sheets are UNIONed:

                    Union of Sheet1 and Sheet11.png

                    This is a STEP added after the UNION which then involved a bit of cleanup as you can see by all the steps taken in the left window pane (easy to to do though):


                    Data Cleanup Steps.png

                    Most importantly the PIVOT of the data to get it in the shape shown in the lower pane of the view, prior to export as either .csv, .tde or .hyper format:

                    Pivot of Data.png

                    Lastly, the output of the file as an extract for use in Tableau:

                    Output as TDE Extract for use in Tableau.png

                    Then Tableau was used to point to the new data extract:

                    From Data Prep to Tableau as TDE.png

                    Then a new worksheet using the new data structure, which allows for native aggregation, subtotals and totals:

                    Tableau Worksheet example w-native subtotals and totals.png

                    Lastly, I've attached the new Extract (.tde), the Tableau Data Prep Flow (.tfl) and a 10.3 version of the Tableau Workbook itself.


                    Hope it helps!  And again, something to strongly consider to make your workflow easier... Don