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    Marketo data extract issues

    Yanling Ytterberg



      I wonder if anyone could help me with two issues that I can't figure out how to solve.


      I'm connecting Marketo to my Tableau desktop with Tableau's embedded connector. 


      1)  Data extract:  I assumed that I would get updated data from Marketo when I do the data extract as below.  However, it hasn't been the case.  The only way i could get updated data is to reconnect Marketo and Tableau from the beginning.  How shall I refresh data?

      2)  Data deviation:  I also find data deviations between Tableau number and Marketo number in terms of amount of leads that connect to "fill-out-form" activity.  The recent case was that I got 100 leads in the Tableau, but 101 in Marketo. It doesn't matter how many times I reconnect Tableau and Marketo, the deviation stays.


      Many thanks in advance!