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    Color Format Issue


      I have a data set that has an ID number and two values for each ID, I needed to sum the two measures ([Measure 1+2]) and that aggregated measure has an optimal range of 438 - 17966. So I want to color the number so that when I change the ID Number and it is outside that range (<438 ; >17966) it will be red, if it is halfway between the mean and the low or high value (438-4820 and 13584-17966) it will be yellow, and the rest will be green. It is a pretty straightforward calculation when the Measure is not aggregated, but I can't seem to get it to work with an aggregated measure. I tried using "{Fixed : [Measure 1 + 2]}" as you will see in the workbook. It made the calc valid but it is coloring everything red.


      Hoping someone can help! Thanks!