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    Filter action

    Minnu Meena

      Hi All,


      I have created a region level view. If i click  on any region the action filter will be effecting the whole dashboard.


      Also i applied the same region filter top of the dashboard as to perform globally. 


      Now my question is if i click any region in a view will it affect the same region at the top of the dashboard.region filter?


      For eg: If i select west region in a dashboard , the  same west region filter at top of dashboard filter also should be select. Can we do it?


      If so how it will be done.?


      Please help me someone.




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          nikher verma

          Hi Minnu Meena ,


          Yes we can create it in different ways .


          Create a new sheet with names of different region and name that sheet as filter .Add this sheet with same action filter i.e. if you will select any name in that sheet that will be shown in main sheet ,this will give you one added feature both these sheets can be used as filter .



          Please try doing it ,in case you stuck somewhere please share your twbx file .



          -Nikher Verma

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            Minnu Meena

            I have created a main sheet.


            Also i applied the same filter above the dashboard.



            So  now when i click on a sheet where i have a square boxes this top Bu filter also should apply same.


            I tried this but not working.




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              Minnu Meena

              How can i get this?