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    Can I create a final map showing 3 overlays?


      Hi.  I have a population dataset showing the level 1 postcode, a level 2 postcode and a level 3 postcode (it's a postcode hierarchy).  My data source is an excel workbook, and the postcode hierarchy uses three different columns per row.  For example:

      level 1     level 2   level 3

      5061        5063     5000                               


      I've progressed this as much as I know how, but I want the final map to show:

      1. Heat map by number of Level 1

      2. Overlay this with level 2 (cross shape)

      3. Overlay this with level 3 (filled circle shape)


      How do I do this?  There are no options to create another Dual Axis.



      Tableau triple overlay.png