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    How to make only the negative number (from a table calc) display as red?

    J Johnson

      First column is "Invoice". The second column is the result of a table calculation which uses "Invoice" in its calculation. After I created the table calculation I dropped it into Measures and renamed it  "Invoiced $'s Change From Prior Qtr"


      My goal is to display the negative numbers from my table calculation red.

      I created another calculated field like this:


      IIF([Invoiced $'s Change From Prior Qtr]< 0,"Negative","Positive")


      I then dropped this new calculated filed onto Color and assigned "Negative" numbers as red and "Positive" numbers as black.

      Its seems to work for the table calculation field. However, the first column, "Invoice",  turns red even if its a positive number.


      How can I avoid the first column "Invoice" from turning red. I would like them independent.