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    Grand Total of All Data -- Despite Filter

    Seth Moskowitz

      I have been trying to figure out a challenge I have been having and not having much luck. I was hoping you might have a solution.


      I created a presentation that is broken down like this:


      Region       Country      Balance

      LATAM        Brazil        1000000

      LATAM        Chile         1500000

      APAC          India          200000

      APAC         Korea         222222


      It is easy to get the subtotal by region: LATAM – 2500000, APAC – 4222222. Also, the grand total is not a problem. However, here is what I am trying to accomplish. I want to have to Grand total of all Regions – regardless of what I filter on.


      So if I filter on LATAM, I would expect to see a subtotal of 2500000, but I want to see a Grand total (a the bottom) of all regions (Not just a repeat of LATAM which is what I currently get). Bonus if I could have a grand total of specified regions (International vs Domestic as defined by me).


      I would also want to use the same methodology to get a % of the total by region as well as a % of the total by all regions despite which region I might filter on.


      Is this possible?