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    I know one of you has the easy answer to this


      I've tried googling and searching on here and maybe I'm not using the right terms but I can't find an answer to my situation. I put some survey results into an excel file and put together a viz of the results and the breakdowns of the self-reported demographic data. The viz I created uses a data source and a copy of that data source for a pivot to get the survey questions and responses in two columns instead of several (probably not part of the issue).


      The dashboard with the non-pivoted sheets is attached and although I removed the other data source and all those sheets from this file, I'm still having problems with it. I want to use each table as a filter and I've done this in past vizzes/dashboards with no issue. I chose to use each sheet as a filter in the dashboard and now when I click on one thing to filter (like "female") it correctly displays the grand totals and breakdowns in all other tables/sheets, but if I select another thing like "white" all the grand totals and other sheets only show the grand totals and breakdowns for just "white", although you can clearly see "female" is still selected. I've been able to select items from different tables in past dashboards to get very narrow results, so I'm not sure what the difference here is in a setting or if it was something else I had on the other vizzes that made it work. I compared one where it works to this one and everything otherwise looks the same to me. I started this viz in Tableau 10 (one of the most recent updated versions specifically like 10.17) and upgraded to 10.5 to see if it was something with that, but still nothing. The attached viz is 10.5.


      I'm sure it's a really easy fix and I feel completely dumb for posting but this is driving me bonkers.

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          Jim Dehner


          see attached


          I did a couple of things

          first I opened the action Gender and Races on one of the worksheets



          and when the box opened - I applied them to all your worksheets



          next I opened each of your action filters and made sure they were going each of the on your d/b


          also there was one action that had all the from and all the to sheets check off - I removed that


          your d/b now returns view like this




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            Thanks for the reply! It looks like you only did that for race and gender, but I want it to recalculate for all the tables, no matter what combinations you select. Here's a screenshot of another viz I did previously where I can apply 3 or more table filters to a dashboard and the grand totals and details change for all tables. Checking in that viz, I had no specific detailing on the actions like you, so I'm not sure what is different between these two vizzes or if something has changed in Tableau desktop to cause it not to do this now. It seemed like the click of a button in the past and now it's not working like it did.


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              Jim Dehner

              I only did race and gender - that was the post - you can follow what I did to include the remaining



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                Sorry, Jim, I just used those two as an example of what I was wanting since anytime I clicked two fields it reverted to just the second item. I can use what you gave me for all of these but as I pointed out with other vizzes I didn't have to do anything specific with actions to get it to do this, which is why I was so lost in the first place. Now I'm worried that when I update those other vizzes I'm going to have to go in and create actions for every single clickable filter because I have a lot of them!