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    Linking Parameter Values to Multiple Dimensions


      Hello All,


      I am new to tableau and this forum and am struggling with what I am trying to do.  After a lot of browsing on the web, I am wondering if what I am working on is possible and, if so, how to achieve it.  Hopefully I can articulate my question clearly...


      I have a data set that has employees by ID and name as well as what store they belong to.  I am trying to create a calendar visualization for each employee to see how they ranked compared to other employees each day over the course of the month.  They can do this by selecting their Employee ID from a parameter and their shifts show up as colors on the calendar (heat map) based on how they ranked by day for the month. I am having trouble with getting their name and store number to appear in tooltips and in the title of my viz.


      I have created a set that links the employee ID to their name, but this will come up null for dates they did not work and the title will say "All" where I want it to say the driver's full name.


      I don't think that auto filters will work in this case because if I filter by Employee ID, the dates that the employee did not work will not show up in the viz. Hence, I tried creating a second parameter as a get around that populates with the name (from the set) once the ID is selected and then uses that to populate the title field.  I don't think this will work because of the static nature of parameters.  I also don't want my end user to have to select their Driver ID and Driver Name just to be able to get these values into the title. My main question is can I get a parameter (in this case Employee ID) to link to more than one dimension (In this case Full Name and Store Number) so I can use these values in the title of the sheet or tooltip?


      Also, Is there a way to create cascading filters where the employee can select their store ID and have a smaller choice of employee IDs or names to search through?


      Is what I am trying to do possible?  My head is spinning trying to get this visualization to be so dynamic...


      I have attached a packaged workbook with some mock data for January 2018.  I only populated 15 mock employees into this list, in reality I am working with hundreds.


      I appreciate all the help!!