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    New to the role and looking toward certification

    david soto

      Good Afternoon All,


           As most of us business / data analysts out here already know, working in the corporate world has its surprises. While I have been a data analytics for 5 years now, I mostly dealt in Python and R for my analysis. The latest corporate restructure has me in a dept that uses Tableau for its visuals of the underlying data. I plan on going through the videos and the knowledge base as I have seen suggested in these forums, but as with anything I work with, I eventually look at certification to prove my competency with a technology.


           So here is where it gets a bit mucky. I don't see a lot of print cert books for the software anywhere. All of my PMI, CCNA, Microsoft, CompTia and the like certifications I have, I studied for using either MS Press, Cisco press books, or other well reputable books. Are there reference material out there for this cert? Also my company uses Tableau 9.0 (They are very slow to upgrade, and now that a vendor we are working with told our senior's that the next Tableau release will be backward compatible, this doesn't even make the back burner, its off the stove for now). Is this certification available in that version? If not, how do I get a working copy of the latest test version(with the understanding that I do not plan on springing the expense of buying a current copy to study from) Is there that much of a difference between the versions that I couldn't use 9 to study for whichever the current exam works off of?


           Any advise is appreciated.




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          Wesley Magee


          For the Tableau Associate exam I would just recommend going through their exam guide (http://mkt.tableau.com/files/DesktopQA_ExamGuide.pdf). Tableau 9.0 contains Level of Detail calculations, which was new to that version, so you'll find that the exam should work with the old version. Tableau has changed a number of things since version 9, but you'll find the fundamentals to be the same and that's what the Associates exam is all about.



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