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    Universal date field


      Hi everyone, Iam wonderng is it possible to create a sort of a universal date field that will help me gather costs from multiple data sources that have no particular common fields other than date.


      Thank you

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          Jim Dehner


          think about using Dateparse  where you create a calculation with the "format" for the source  date then  in wrap if in Str()




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            Vinnie Ahuja

            You could add a separate data source that lists all the dates in it (e.g. an Excel Spreadsheet with all the days from the beginning to the end of your range of interest, one date per row)....an independent calendar of sorts.  Then, either cross join or blend the other data sources to this calendar source using the date fields of interest as the join fields.  Note, the independent calendar needs to be the primary source in the join or blend for this to work.

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              This would be great . I tried doing the same however I was not using calendar as the primary source so I guess this is why it hasn’t worked. Will try this. Thanks!