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    Help making a Dashboard with a Crosstab that mixes averages across dimensions, and is filterable on 3 most recent dates

    patrick clarke

      Hi all,


      I've been tasked to create a dashboard and unfortunately feel like I've fallen at the first hurdle. I receive an email report with a few metrics we use to analyse email performance (I'll have to manually paste in the data to the correct place for Tableau to read it, as I get it as an excel document which contains other info). I've been asked to make a dashboard where we can view the last three emails sent from each channel (there's two).


      However, the dashboard needs to have that emails performance metrics, the average metrics of all emails of that product, the record metrics for that product, and the average metrics for all products on that channel in one box. I could get the most recent email just using filters, but then couldn't find a way to pull the average and put that underneath in a table. I also couldn't figure out how to feed the product type of the last email send into a calculated field so that I could get an average of all emails for that product.


      I would assume it would then be a parameter somewhere that could swap between the last 3 sends across the channels, but thought that would need to be put into the calculated fields from the start.


      The table is supposed to look something like this:


      Send SizeOpened
      Last weeks Send
      Avg for Product
      Record for Product
      Avg for Channel

      (with some mention of product type on there too)


      Apologies if this is relatively simple and I'm just missing something, I was put on a short course then thrown in at the deep end.


      I have attached a packaged workbook contain a small sample of dummy data in the format it'll come through to me/we use. Also I'm currently using version 10.4.


      Let me know if I can give a better explanation of things. Any help would be really appreciated.