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    Dashboard Action Works Only On First Column Data

    Teresa Wright

      I am a Tableau Desktop user (10.4) working on a Dashboard using a Dashboard action whose purpose is to display additional details in the bottom window when a field is selected (selecting "ESC" key clears the bottom window).  My issue is that the action is only working on the first column (to the far left) and I would like this action to work with any column/any field in the view.  Is there a way to do this?  I am attaching a TWBX file and attaching some screen shots.


      Dashboard Action Set Up

      screen shot 1.jpg


      Selecting field in Column 1 displays correct information in bottom window.

      screen shot 2.jpg


      Selecting field in any other column does not display the correct information.  The bottom window only displays data from Column 1.

      screen shot 3.jpg


      Thanks very much for any suggestions you may have!