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    Keeping date slider to latest date

    Gaurav Gupta

      Hello everyone,


      Is there any way to keep date slider updated to latest date on tableau server. I have dashboards on server and charts are based on date filter. My dashboards refresh everyday but date slider remains on those dates only where they were at the time I published them. I am using 10.0.


      Kindly help.



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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Guarav, I know how to do this for discrete dates - so the quick filter would be a multiple-list drop down box rather than a slider.


          If you create a date text field like this:


          IF [date] = { FIXED : MAX([date]) }

          THEN 'Most Recent'

          ELSE STR([date])



          And then use it as your filter. The text "Most Recent" will always be selected, even as which date it applies to underneath changes everyday. Obviously this isn't quite as nice as a slider, but it works. You can make it a multiple value drop down to save space.  This shows all the dates, but it still works if you ONLY select "Most Recent', then it will always show the latest date in the data set.



          Hope this helps,