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    Return a value if it contains a string



      I would like to be able to have a calculated field that gives me the following result:

      - On sheet 3 of the workbook attached I have my Worker Name, the Day of Arrival Time and the amount of time spent in the shift

      - I would like to find out the "Recipients Names" (a dimension) when it contains the letters "Facil". So out of the list of Recipients Names that will be available in a given day I would like to be able to associate the only "Recipients Names" that contains the string "Facil" in a given day, which should usually be just one.

      - The difficult part (at least for me) is to associate the Recipient Name (with the "facil" string) to a Worker Name and a Day (Arrival Time), which don't have that Recipient Name on the same line.

      - To clarify further, every worker can only have ONE Recipients Names (with "facil" string) for every day.


      Please let me know if my explanation is clear enough or I can try to explain this better.


      Thank you very much in advance for any help / hint!