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    To use single selection filter in stead of parameter

    Dharanipriya B


      TY: This Year

      LY: Last Year

      Fields we have:

      • Week,
      • Year,
      • Sales
      • Grade


      • TY Sales
      • LY Sales
      • Variance%


      • From Week:
      • To Week:


      • TY = Range of      ”From week”   to   “To Week”

      Example:    From week = 1/2015  and   To Week= 15/2017

      Then TY = range of 1/2015 to 15/2017

      • LY = Range from 1/2014 to 15/2016  (just year-1 with respect to the from week and to week selection)
      • TY Sales : Sales in TY
      • LY Sales : Sales in LY
      • Variance% : (TY Sales-LY Sales)/(TY Sales)


      Note : I have implemented the logic using Parameter(From Week, To Week) but I am not getting variance% correctly . And since parameters are not dynamic please help me to implement the same logic using single selection filter (From Week, To Week).