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    How do I edit the background data of a Tableau Workbook when it is a kml file? - Great Circle Flight Routes

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I came across a link on the public blog (Flights of the World: How to map great circle routes in Tableau 10.4 | Tableau Public by Sarah BattersbyFlorian Ramseger)  which showed me that Great Circle Flight Routes are possible in Tableau with a bit of background work. I downloaded the file and had a little play around and tried to do a bit of investigating into how it has been put together. As the original submitters didn't really go into depth of steps how to recreate this, I am pretty stumped as a Tableau newbie.


      Essentially, there are flight routes that I would like to add into the raw data, but I don't know how to do this.


      Is someone else able to talk me through how I would go about doing this?