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    Data blending with all date present

    Zhi Xuan Ng

      Hi everyone!


      I just recently started with Tableau, so my explanation may sound vague and my workbook may or may not show the problem, but i'll be actively working to improve the situation.


      Currently, i am working on data blending with 3 different tables (that cannot be joined) in the same database. Each table contain dates that the other tables may not have, and i am stuck with the situation where some values aren't showing because of the missing dates when the date fields are blended together. Ex: 1 table contains date range from 1999-2018, with several missing years in between; 1 table contains 2011-2018; 1 table contain 2012-2018.


      My goal is to have a worksheet that is able to present the complete range of dates, 1999-2018, so that when the data is blended all the data can be displayed.


      I am guessing using a parameter to forcefully show the complete date range, but i'm not sure how do i connect to a pill for display.


      Attached are documents that may help. Excel represents database, with 3 tables, and a packaged workbook.