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    Filter in parameter and default values

    Nicolas Besnier

      Hello everyone,


      I'm going around in circles for a while without finding a good answer so I need your help.


      Let's say a list of commands for example, with ID, Date, Amount etc. and two columns category 1 and category 2. (the possible values of cat 1 and cat 2 are the same but I need to be able to have a combination of both) .


      I have to define a "default" filter on two category 1 values (I put the category 1 field in "Filters" and select value1 and value2 by hand), no problem here.


      Then I need to have the possibiliy on the sheet or dashboard to choose a value 3 (in a drop-down list for example, or a parameter) that would apply to both category 1 and category 2 filters. The values of this possible list would be filled either "by hand" or automatically from Category 1 and Category 2 values regardless.


      Unfortunately I can not share the data I'm working on: - /


      If you have an idea or a track I'm interested


      thank you very much