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    Query works fine on the Database but not on Tableau - Spool error.

    Sirish Bhatta



      I have two queries, a bit complex going against a large dataset in Teradata. I  have it working with some custom sql and doing most of the logic in SQL and passing it to the Teratadata through two parameters. The two queries have an inner join. Think of  a employee  level information on one query and something like department score on a separate query --where each employee row would get the same department score. This is working as expected and going live.


      Now, the users have asked to be able to drill down to the raw data from an aggregate ( view detail data - Tableau functionality) that I am displaying..so  I am doing the aggregation in Tableau now. The problem that I am running into is the second query, as soon as I introduce the second query either as a join or as a separate data source, still running into spool error, but if I run the same query in Teradata directly, then it works fine. Any thoughts?


      I cannot use Volatile table through the Query banding init sql, because I have to pass parameters. I  am trying to avoid creating a separate dashboard/report through Tableau/SSRS if I can get this  to work


      Tableau 10.2