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    Table Joins From Database


      We are trying to create a dashboard for my client to automate some of the departments reporting. I am trying to join these two tables (table 1 and table 2 below which contain dummy data) from a database but keep running into a problem where a join will pull in duplicates. I've tried blending the two tables but get the following error: "Oracle database error 1795: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000".


      Unfortunately, my client wants to use a live connection and I don't have a way to create/edit the tables from the database. I also cannot post the file/data I am working off of due to confidential information.


      Is there any way to pull in the position field into different columns like the table 3 provided?



      Table 1:


      IDCompanyFirst NameLast NamePosition
      90210Company AJohn DoeManager
      90210Company AJoeDonaldAnalyst
      90210Company AJaneBellVP
      90210Company AJosieHatterSVP
      90211Company BJonDellAnalyst
      90211Company BJakeDoManager



      Table 2:



      Start Date
      Closing Date
      Close Reason
      90210Company A4/1/20184/25/2018SaleComplete
      90211Company B3/31/20184/4/2018SaleIncomplete


      Table 3:



      IDCompanyStart DateClosing DateCategoryClose ReasonAnalystManagerVPSVP
      90210Company A4/1/20184/25/2018SaleCompleteJoe DonaldJohn DoeJane BellJosie Hatter
      90211Company B3/31/20184/4/2018SaleIncompleteJon DellJake Do